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Fachada Código de Barra estrella michelín en Cádiz



It’s been 20 years. Leon and Paqui met along the way and together they decided to set off towards a new destination, Cadiz, where a project marked by good food awaited them. Now, having left the project simmering for a while, they are surprising us with Código de Barra.

On arriving in Cadiz, they saw its passion for good food, with regional and local products and, of course, good wine – don’t forget that Cadiz is a land of wine and tradition, the perfect tandem between the front and back of house,

Leon remains in the kitchen with new proposals, and Paquí is a great maître d’ and sommelier who is all smiles and kindness; a team working side by side to focus on this project in which eating Cadiz means savouring its history and relishing in the aroma of its wines.

Carried along by the greatest of passions, time, soul and heart, they are so much more than what can be found within the stone walls.


Work, perseverance and enthusiasm for doing what we like most have been the three ingredients that have led us to where we are today, fulfilling a dream.

Someone once said “Dreams involve hard work”, and he was right. The awards hanging on the façade of our restaurant are not there just by chance. . They are in recognition of years of work, of searching for the culinary origins of Cadiz, of connecting cuisine and history in the same place.

“Dreams must be pursued. But they also involve hard work

Leon Griffioen.

The new Código de Barra had only been open for six months in 2021 when the Repsol Guide awarded us one of its Sols. Following a pandemic, and a lot of sweat and a few tears, this would be the Sol that was to light up our project.

Two years later, another star was rising in the sky of Código de Barra, when the Michelin Star arrived. Unexpected but dreamt of, and proud to bring the first Michelin Star to the city of Cadiz, we will continue to do things with the love, creativity and good work with which we have always done them.

The new Culinary Code is here to stay in Cadiz.